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Binary 1 

Concrete, Iron and NFT video.

This project aims to define and question a dual matter/digital aesthetics ecosystem.

The work creates a vicious circle between matter and blockchain which generates paradoxes as the impossibility to buy the work's NFT without nullifying its value or the impossibility to access to the NFT wallet key without destroying the physical artwork.  

The NFT video, which complements the material sculpture, is an aesthetic statement of the dual existence of this work of art.

Inside the two blocks of concrete, there is a the Ethereum private key of the wallet containing the NFT.

The Ethereum private key has been painted on the back of two cards, sealed in metal capsules, inserted in the molds and embedded in the concrete.

There is one part of the private key in each pyramid of the sculpture, and it's the only place where the key has been saved.

The concrete containing the wallet key and the NFT refer to each other with a biunivocal narrative, therefore this work can exist only in a binary matter/digital aesthetics ecosystem.

The NFT video states that if this duality gets interrupted, by transferring the NFT to another crypto wallet (with a key which is different from the one in the concrete), or by the alteration or destruction of the material part of the work in order to access to the wallet key, the aesthetics trace of the overall work will instantly vanish.

The NFT video:

For the concept truthfulness purpose only, the NFT is at auction on Opensea.

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