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Latent Matter 

Infinite art installations hallucinated by neural networks. 

Work available as NFT here.

Latent spaces in AI, are abstract multi-dimensional spaces which serve as a framework for encoding a meaningful internal representation of externally observed reality. It is through these spaces that AI creativity manifests itself, generating entirely new realities based on a phenomenological interpretation of the physical world, crafted via patterns derived from extensive data observations.

What is the meaning of art when latent spaces can elaborate upon patterns of reality, concepts, and matter with such complexity? Is it the human artist or does the latent space itself possess the power to create?
Is it about talent or latent?
Nevertheless, the potential to continuously generate new realities through latent spaces cannot be overlooked by artists, as it challenges the very boundaries of aesthetics and has the power to redefine our understanding of reality.


This profound impact demands our attention and exploration.

As artist committed to question and explore these new frontiers of aesthetics, I believe that artists can play a pivotal role in establishing the territory of exploration within these abstract dimensions.

By maintaining consistency in the artistic journey, the artist can ensure that the exploration doesn't become too generic in nature.

In fact, as we dig deeper into the infinite possibilities of latent spaces, we must keep in mind that if the existence of something is infinitely generic, it simply loses its essence and can become a non-existent. Thus, a guiding principle must navigate this infinite aesthetic voyage.

From the depths of immateriality, I stated the laws for the latent materiality's manifestation. And now, these neural network's infinite art installations are relentlessly hunting reality.

Latent Matter 5.0 

Video updated as of 21/07/2023. The video is updated on a weekly basis.

Latent Matter 2.0 

Latent matter 2.0 - Video part #1 of an infinite series.

Latent matter 2.0 - Stills.

Latent matter 1.0 - Video part #2 of an infinite series.