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About me

Born in Italy, after a multicultural scientific and creative education, electronic science college and IED (European Institute of Design),

I started a 25 years  career as designer, art director and creative director for 4A creative agencies between Milan, New York and Shanghai and eventually co-founding a creative agency headquartered in Shanghai and at-present operating worldwide.


Currently living and working. between Milan and Shanghai,  my art work is about the exploration of narratives between matter and space in the digital era and in relation to our perception of reality.


My work ranges over mixed materials, installations, performances and digital exploration.

Main exhibitions/Residencies:
2021 Beyond Human Emotion - Audi House of Progress, Shanghai, China.
2022 Mitologie digitali - Finalist - Prato, Italy and Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum, China.
2023 Arte Laguna Prize - Finalist - Venice Arsenale, Italy.

2023 Latent Matter - Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy.

2023/2024 Viafarini Residence

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