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AI on pallet

Artificial intelligence output projection, raw pure silicon [Si], lead [Pb], iron rods, black gesso, plastic pallet

The content of the projection is the IBM Watson AI interpretation of the semantic roles in the original Germano Celant 'Art Povera' issue, in which Celant theorizes the movement.

The rationalization of semantic roles is probably the closest thing for a machine to ‘understand’ a concept.

This installation is part of my ongoing aesthetic exploration of the materiality of the digital spaces.

Below, the linguistic semantic roles of Celant's 'Art Povera' by IBM Watson AI:

  1.  Animals, vegetables and minerals  /  take  /  part

  2. The artist  /  feels  /  attracted by their physical, chemical and biological possibilities

  3. He /   to feel /  the need to make things of the world, not only as animated beings, but as a producer of magic and marvelous deeds

  4. The artist-alchemist  /  living  /  vegetable matter

  5. The artist-alchemist  /  working to discover  /  the root of things

  6. His work  /  does include /   the use of the simplest material and natural elements

  7. What  /  interests  /  him instead is the discovery

One of the pages of the 'Art Povera' book analyzed by AI: 

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 10.08.10 PM.png
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